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Trampolina ziemna. Trampolina ziemna jest wkopana w ziemię. Kształt może być okrągły lub kwadratowy. Playground trampoline is install in to the ground. Ground trampoline, in-ground trampoline. Plastic lamels, EPDM rubber.

How to arrange a public playground

Playgrounds are places designed for active recreation for children. It should not be forgotten, however, that a lot of time is also spent on them by teenagers and adults. However, arranging an interesting playground is not an easy task – there is a lot of equipment to choose from, which can cost a lot and take up a lot of space. Thus, the administrator must be sure of what he is doing. However, what should he not forget about?

What should not be missing from a public playground?

In order for a playground to fulfil its purpose, it should enable and encourage children to spend their time actively. Therefore, it should not only serve the purpose of good fun, but above all, it should develop and shape both the body and the mind. It is important in adolescence to improve imagination and motor skills, coordination, agility and physical fitness. The child’s commitment to exercise can have an impact on their perception of sport in the future. Finally, don’t forget about places for children and adults to relax and talk together.

Playground equipment – for children and adults

Most children’s accessories can be found on playgrounds. No wonder, after all, it is with children in mind that such places are created. To make a playground suitable for children, it should have, among other things

– playsets – these are constructions that combine slides, bridges, houses, small obstacle courses or logical games (e.g. tic-tac-toe). Thanks to them you can save a bit of money, and combined together they take up much less space and can make a furore on playgrounds;

– swings – contrary to appearances, also adults spend time on them. They offer an opportunity to build bonds between two or more people by talking while swinging. They also allow parents to engage in joint play with their children. At least one swing set should be included in the playground;

– Sandpits and green areas – for younger children a sandpit is all they need to have fun. Older ones need a bit more space, for example, to play ball, run or throw a frisbee. Such an area doesn’t need special attractions – just being there is enough;

– a place to relax – playgrounds should include benches or deckchairs where parents can sit, talk and watch their children. A playground will then become a meeting place for young people. You can also place tables for board games or bicycle racks in the area;

– outdoor gym – consists of basic exercise sets for youngsters and adults. The outdoor gym consists of basic sets of exercises for young people and adults. It allows for a casual workout in the fresh air and to fill the free time when the child is playing on the square.

Trampolines – universal playground equipment

Absolutely everyone loves trampolines, both children and adults. They are devices on which you burn a lot of calories and which generate a lot of positive energy. Although the trampolines are small, they can be combined with other trampolines to create an intriguing trampoline park. This is great fun for hours and will convince everyone that outdoor activities can be fun!

In-ground trampolines come in different shapes and colours. You can include smaller ones for quite small children or opt for larger ones, even for adults. Ideally, you should choose one of a set of ready-made trampolines. They will certainly appeal to the residents. We discuss them in detail, among others, in the entry: “TYPES OF IN-GROUND TRAMPOLINES – PART 2: SPECIAL SETS”.

dziecko na trampolinie ziemnej trampoliny ziemna przy orliku

What standards must playground equipment meet?

The parents do not have to worry about the safety of structures placed on playgrounds. Each structure must meet stringent standards, without which the administrator cannot place them on a playground. Safety rules are described in EN 1176-1 and PN-EN 1177. Equipment that is certified in accordance with these standards is safe to use.

These standards are based on the experience of the European Committee for Standardisation and regulate, among other things, the design of playgrounds, their equipment, surface and maintenance. Each piece of equipment is checked for safety and shock absorption (which is particularly important in the case of in-ground trampolines, among others). Inspectors examine the distance between objects, the quality of materials used and the safety of users. Regular inspections and maintenance of playgrounds are also a requirement.

Creating playgrounds is a challenge, but also a display of creativity. A few interestingly connected objects may not only give a lot of fun, but also positively influence the image of the commune, town or estate. It is worth arranging the available space to the maximum extent – digging in the ground the in-ground trampolines or setting up benches. Be aware, however, that the equipment placed on playgrounds must have a safety certificate.

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