Square trampolines

Quad square trampolines are designed for outdoor use. This model is dug into the ground, thus providing greater safety for children. Mounted in this way, the trampoline is stable and does not topple over. In our range you will find products in various sizes. The smaller ones are good for joyful play for one child, while the larger models allow two people to play at the same time. Square trampolines meet the stringent safety standard EN 1176 ‘Playground equipment and surfacing – Part 1. General safety requirements and test methods’, which is certified. All risks to which children are exposed when playing on a trampoline are eliminated. It can be used by toddlers as young as 3 years of age, as long as they remain in the vicinity of adults. All materials used in the construction of our trampolines are environmentally friendly: the casing, the jumping mat and the cushioning elements. Square trampolines are excellent equipment for playgrounds and are also great for the open spaces of private properties. They provide children with a solid dose of the much sought-after exercise that has a positive effect on the functioning of the entire organism.

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A square trampoline for children is a piece of equipment that consists of a jumping mat mounted on a solid frame dug into the ground. Jumpo square earth trampolines are an extremely practical solution even for small backyard gardens or playgrounds due to their extremely functional shape, allowing them to be easily combined with other elements. Many of our customers appreciate earth trampolines for their discreet appearance – digging them into the ground does not negatively affect the visual perception of the garden area. This solution further increases the safety of the children using them, effectively preventing them from falling.

With us, the price of a square earth trampoline depends on the surface area of the jumping mat. Due to its dimensions, we distinguish between six size options:

  • Quad 80,
  • Quad 100,
  • Quad 120,
  • Quad 150,
  • Quad 180,
  • Quad 200.

The square trampoline by Jumpo is a safe solution and a definite convenience in use. Choosing an earth trampoline guarantees easier access for each child, as there is no need to climb a ladder to the high bar. The colours of our trampolines vary depending on the model and the surface.