Ground trampolines manufacturer Jumpo

We are a manufacturer of earth trampolines and hammocks for playgrounds, which are loved by kids. Our earth trampolines meet strict safety criteria so that children in playgrounds can develop movement, sports and play to their heart's content. The earth trampoline is one of the biggest attractions for children, and our outdoor equipment on offer is designed for outdoor spaces such as playgrounds. However, nothing prevents you from installing them on private properties. As the manufacturer of JUMPO trampolines, we make it fun for the youngest, but also for youngsters and adults - after all, they too can enjoy this type of attraction. This type of fun also provides the necessary dose of physical exercise for the proper development of children. Trampolines are a good choice for all kinds of physical activity - the manufacturer guarantees the best possible jumping fun!

About us

Jumpo is a young and energetic team of creative people full of ideas. We are a group of experts from different industries who share a passion for creating interesting things.


We manufacture playground trampolines and garden trampolines in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes. Every customer can choose the trampoline that best suits their needs and preferences.


Everyone is welcome to contact us. We answer all your questions, especially those related to safety. We accept orders from individual customers as well as orders for playground equipment with trampolines.

Manufacturer of trampolines for children

As manufacturers, we create safe and approved trampolines for children’s play, which are used throughout Poland and abroad. Our earth trampolines meet the PN-EN 1176-1 standard and are TUV certified. We equip playgrounds and private properties with trampolines that improve children’s fitness and provide them with lots of great fun. As a trampoline manufacturer, we guarantee that every jump on our trampolines ends with a soft landing. If you own a children’s facility, it’s worth equipping it with the right accessories. Trampoline playgrounds are a real hit combining fun and activity!


The diverse shapes and sizes of the trampolines we produce mean that they can be installed almost anywhere. The trampoline simply needs to be dug into the ground. It allows children to experience moments of great fun, which also improves their fitness and fitness. As trampoline manufacturers, we offer square, rectangular and round trampolines – the choice is yours. Ground trampolines for the playground made of the best and safe materials allow children to spend carefree moments outdoors. Please note: the durability of all our trampolines means that adults can also join in the fun!

Jumpo products

Children do not need to be encouraged to play on trampolines. You, on the other hand, are encouraged to take a look at our offer. As manufacturers of trampolines, we can adapt the product to the dimensions you require and design trampoline sets to create a trampoline park. Front-loaded and affordable fun for your children is within reach.


Our trampolines are:

As a manufacturer we focus on the development of children

Building a child’s awareness of physical development is a must. After all, it is through fitness that they develop in the right way! This is facilitated by playground accessories, of which we are the manufacturer. Our safe children’s trampolines are great fun for the playground and at the same time allow you to develop physical fitness from an early age. The right playground equipment – certified – is a guarantee of safety. The production of trampolines under our supervision takes special precautions so that the final products are fully suitable for use by the youngest. We are particularly keen on the physical development of toddlers, and with outdoor trampolines installed in gardens or playgrounds this is perfectly achieved! A trampoline from a proven Polish manufacturer can provide hours of fun combined with the highest level of safety.

Photo gallery

In the gallery we present our trampoline models. It is easy to match them with other playground equipment. The trampoline is mounted in the ground, flush with the grass. Only the jumping mat and the fall-absorbing mat are visible, so as manufacturers we ensure that the trampoline is safe for every jump. Managers of urban children’s playground areas, but also individual consumers will certainly appreciate our proprietary idea of the perfect trampoline. Everything we do, we do for the enjoyment of your children as well. We assure you that they too will love playing on our trampolines with their friends.