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JUMPO Trampoliny Ziemne

ul. J. Mireckiego 13A/7M
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki

tel.: +48 799269994
e-mail: biuro@jumpo.pl

About  JUMPO

Team of our company are from north of Poland and we were choose name JUMPO to accent kid play on trampolines which we were build. We are young, our team constantly has many innovative ideas. One of them was the children’s trampoline project. We are currently involved in the production, distribution and improvement of our ground trampolines.

One thing is priceless in this work – they are the smiles of children who play on our trampolines in gardens or on playgrounds. So this play is completely safe, because our in-ground trampolines meet the requirements of the authorities supervising the quality of such products.

The Jumpo company is constantly developing and enters new markets with its offer. Everywhere we appear, we arouse customers’ curiosity. They are, among others parents looking for new and interesting entertainment for their children. Also playground managers are interested in equipping these places with Jumpo ground trampolines. We believe that our company has enormous potential and good prospects for the future. With our energy, inexhaustible ideas and an innovative approach to production and design issues, we have a chance to appear on an even larger scale than before.


Playground Trampolines

We manufacture ground-mounted trampolines. The jumping surface is at ground level, so children are never in danger of falling from a height. We sell garden ground trampolines, which are selected by individual clients who own properties with gardens. The offer also includes trampolines for playgrounds. Their recipients are housing cooperatives, town halls and other playground managers in cities. The importante thing is playground trampolines are vandal proof.

We produce our trampolines in three shapes: round, square and rectangular. Their size and color varies depending on the model. We can adjust the trampolines to their place of use. We are also able to design trampoline parks, i.e. sets of connected trampolines. Our outdoor trampolines are characterized by elegant and modern design and the highest care for the safety of children playing on them. Particular attention is paid to the quality of materials used to build our groundtrampolines.

Vandal proof

All trampolines we manufacture are certified therefore are safe. We have a certificate of compliance with the EN 1176-1 standard issued by TUV SUD. We vouch for the quality of the workmanship. In conclusion, trampolines are resistant to weather conditions and acts of vandalism. They are made of ecological materials. Please contact us in all matters related to our trampolines. We are happy to advise you and immediately answer any questions.

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