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Types of trampolines and their advantages

Hardly anyone has heard of trampolines. They can provide great fun for hours on end, without any age restrictions. It is mainly parents who decide

Najdłuższa trampolina ziemna Gdynia
Jumpo Trampolines

Attractions by the sea for children

We all understand a trip to the seaside in a slightly different way. For some it is a moment of relaxation, when they can enjoy

Trampolina ziemna. Trampolina ziemna jest wkopana w ziemię. Kształt może być okrągły lub kwadratowy. Playground trampoline is install in to the ground. Ground trampoline, in-ground trampoline. Plastic lamels, EPDM rubber.
Jumpo Trampolines

How to arrange a public playground

Playgrounds are places designed for active recreation for children. It should not be forgotten, however, that a lot of time is also spent on them

In-ground trampolines set
Jumpo Trampolines

Facts and myths about trampoline parks

Trampoline parks represent one of the most frequently chosen attractions to fill leisure time after work, school or during holidays. In addition to providing plenty