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Set of ground trampolines

Types of in-ground trampolines – part 2: special sets

After reading the previous part of our post, you probably already know exactly how in-ground trampolines work, what their basic shapes are and how to use them safely. Here we will take a closer look at the special offer – unusual shapes of trampolines, their possibilities and advantages. We will suggest where and why it would be best to place in-ground trampolines, so that they provide maximum fun for both children and adults.

Shapes of special trampolines: triangle, trapezoid, cube

One thing about trampolines is that no matter what shape they are, they still remain trampolines. Which means it will entertain as well as develop people without any age restrictions. Nevertheless, in order to increase the attractiveness of yards with these devices, and thus have wider opportunities in terms of creating original projects, it is worth considering the purchase of special trampolines. They can be triangular, trapezoidal or cube-shaped. By using only these trampolines, you can create your own interesting sets of jumps in boat, animal or any other shape you like. In case you don’t have an idea, you can use ready-made sets or get inspired by the shapes.

Where can in-ground trampolines be installed?

Due to the large selection of shapes and sizes, in-ground trampolines are suitable practically everywhere. However, there are some places where it is particularly recommended to place trampolines. These include, among others:

playgrounds – one does not need many arguments to convince that this is an excellent choice. In-ground trampolines leave other attractions such as merry-go-rounds or slides behind. Children are much more likely to visit such playgrounds and enjoy their time there. The manager is also more appreciated by the residents.

– parks and recreation areas – generally there are a lot of children on playgrounds, so not everyone can use trampolines. It is also worth placing them in parks and roadside recreation areas. This allows you to relax during a walk, improve your mood or keep the children occupied.

your own garden – there is no more suitable place for trampolines than your own garden or your own yard. You can be sure that every free moment will be spent on the trampoline. It’s a great way to get rid of boredom (especially for children), but also to stay in good shape.

sports centres – it may seem that jumping on a trampoline is not that easy, light and pleasant. Sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts know that very well. Which is why trampolines are used in outdoor gyms and training facilities. Exercising burns a lot of calories and improves physical fitness.

Regardless of where the trampoline is installed, the manufacturer always recommends that you follow their instructions. We have addressed safety rules when using trampolines in the post: “Types of in-ground trampolines – part 2: basic types”. We recommend that you follow them and also that you listen to the advice given by the centre’s staff.


hexagonal ground trampoline triangle ground trampolines set

Advantages and contraindications of using in-ground trampolines

In case you still hesitate whether an in-ground trampoline is a good investment, you should definitely take a look at these few benefits. Trampolines should be used in parks, playgrounds and gardens, among other reasons because:

– they improve fitness and performance,

– they allow you to quickly get rid of unnecessary weight (15 minutes of jumping burns up to 250 kcal),

– they firm the body, shape the figure and strengthen muscles,

– they improve circulation in the body and improve brain function,

– by releasing endorphins during the jumps, they have a positive influence on your mood,

– they help reduce stress and get rid of negative emotions.

What’s more, the individual components are inexpensive and make it possible to create original, impressive sets. However, not everyone can use trampolines. As a safety precaution the following people should abstain from jumping:

– people with injuries to bones, muscles and joints (e.g. fractures, sprains, dislocations),

– those with weakened or impaired balance,

– those who are pregnant or in the postnatal period (up to 6 months),

– experiencing pain when jumping (e.g. back pain),

– after undergoing surgery,

– having joint instability.

If you have any concerns about using trampolines, you should consult your doctor or physiotherapist. Despite a few contraindications, trampolines are still a great choice.

So, don’t hesitate. Place an order for special sets of in-ground trampolines, which alone or in combination with basic types of jumpers will enrich any space for entertainment and recreation. In case you don’t know if a trampoline will be suitable in your place – contact us. We will give you suggestions and choose such a trampoline set which will maximise the use of the space and will be simply attractive.


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