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Ground Trampoline – Triangle


The triangle-shaped in-ground trampoline provides the perfect opportunity to add variety to any playground. Due to its unique appearance, it will visually improve the space designed for outdoor entertainment. This device also makes a part of interesting sets which you can create according to your own design. The whole set is solidly made and safe for use by children.

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    Triangle in-ground Trampoline

    – You are looking for a means to create an original, eye-catching playground set which you can create according to your own individual project? Allow us to introduce the only such impressive trampoline in the shape of a triangle, which can be used to arrange any outdoor amusement park for children and teenagers. If you decide to purchase a triangle trampoline in a set with any others in the shape of a square or rectangle, you will be impressed by the whole set and the users will be able to play in many ways, thus developing their creativity and imagination. We have taken care in our in-ground trampolines not only about the appearance, but most of all about the safety. Each product is certified in accordance with the EN 1176-1 and EN 1177 standards, which means that they are safe for use by children on playgrounds. The in-ground trampolines are designed in such a way that a child jumping on them does not suffer any injury – the safety mats made of polyurethane EPDM plates adequately absorb falls and do not allow to perform risky stunts or high jumps. The frame is made of galvanized steel, while the jumping mat is made of plastic laths, which are fastened to the casing with springs. The trampoline also has no gaps through which for example keys could accidentally get in. Select the mat in blue, red, green, yellow, orange, gray, and black. The rubber collar comes standard in black, although there are as many as 24 colors to choose from.

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    Full size: 170 x 197 cm

    Jumping bed: 87 x 100 cm

    Safety zone: 387 x 400 cm

    Number of springs: 51 szt

    Weight: 140 kg

    User manual: [.PDF]

    Product features: [.PDF]

    Color combinations: [.PDF]

    DXF files for designers: [.DXF]


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