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Najdłuższa trampolina ziemna Gdynia

Attractions by the sea for children

We all understand a trip to the seaside in a slightly different way. For some it is a moment of relaxation, when they can enjoy the sun shining on the beach. For others, it is swimming in the sea or walking along sand dunes in the evening. Usually the trip looks completely different when we travel with children. Typically, they can not sit still – they are curious about the world and must do something new and interesting every now and then. Therefore, what attractions can they count on at the Polish seaside?

Sights worth seeing – museums, monuments, observation decks

There are various types of attractions, depending on the child’s interests and the parents’ expectations. Among them is sightseeing, which allows the child to get to know interesting places, monuments, landscape and history. There are plenty of such places in the north of our country. They include, among others:

– ORP Błyskawica warship – this is a Polish destroyer moored in Gdynia. It was built between 1935 and 1936 for the Polish Navy. The ship is huge and has traditional equipment. It can be visited with a guide.

– The Museum of Wax Figures – an extraordinary place, where you can come across well-known characters from films, fairy tales or even from reality, and all of them are made of wax. Professionally reproduced figures can be seen in Sopot, Kołobrzeg, Łeba and Międzyzdroje.

– The Amber Museum – one of the few such museums in Poland which hides maritime treasures. They can be admired, among others, in Gdańsk. The prepared exhibits can amaze everyone. Not only beautiful necklaces, bracelets or pendants are made of amber, but also objects of everyday use.

– The Second World War Museum – an ideal place for history lovers. In Gdańsk there is an exhibition of weapons and equipment used by military units during the war. The exhibits are impressive and allow you to learn many interesting facts about military equipment.

– Olivia Star, a viewing terrace – you cannot miss it while being in the Tri-City. It is a 180 meters high skyscraper located in Gdańsk. The observation deck offers a beautiful view and inside the building there are restaurants and office floors.

Entertainment places – amusement parks, trampolines, water parks

Those children who do not have fun on holiday will not have very fond memories of it. Children, in particular, need to be entertained. It is therefore worth taking children to amusement parks, trampolines, or to aquaparks – there is no shortage of such attractions by the Polish seaside. They can include, for example:

– In-ground trampoline parks – in-ground trampolines are one of the most interesting forms of entertainment in Międzyzdroje. These guarantee many hours of unforgettable fun in the fresh air. They are not single trampolines, but whole sets of different shapes, which together create fascinating jumping tracks. In fact, you can walk into an in-ground trampoline park from the street and not worry about the safety of little ones. Be it round, square or multi-shaped, the in-ground trampolines are fun for the whole family.

– Aquapark – one of the most popular aquaparks is located in Sopot, where plenty of attractions await bathing enthusiasts. Both the indoor and outdoor pools are a guarantee that neither children nor adults will feel bored. According to the attractions prepared in the aquapark, you can find, among others: “wild river”, slides, zones for the youngest and much more.

– Loopy’s World entertainment centre – this is the “jungle gym” in Gdańsk, i.e. a combination of obstacle courses, mazes, slides, tunnels and dozens of other attractions, thanks to which children will remember the trip for a very long time. Since the entire facility has a surface area of 3,000 m², there is certainly plenty of space.

Producer of Trampolines in Poland, Gdańsk Polish producer of ground trampolines. Gdynia

Attraction not only for tourists – trampoline park in Gdynia

Not only visitors, but also inhabitants of the coastal regions themselves are often looking for interesting forms of entertainment. Another multifunctional attraction for children, teenagers and adults can be found in Gdynia. These are in-ground trampolines, which we have mentioned before. But why do we keep referring to them? We would like to present an interesting realisation, which was prepared in cooperation with our company – Jumpo. The park is about 500 square meters of space developed for great fun. There are 8 trampolines, several smaller ones and one 7 meters long. No admission tickets or reservations are necessary. Both residents and tourists can enter the park straight from the pavement or cycle path. The in-ground trampolines are divided into a smaller and a larger zone, ideally suited to the youngest children. In this way, you can actively spend time with the whole family in the fresh air.

Furthermore, at the seaside you can visit a modern planetarium, see the Energa Arena stadium, and together with your kids go to the Play Department. Numerous ideas for creative learning and experiments are waiting for them there. While planning a trip to Tri-City and its surroundings, it is worth reserving more free time – to have fun in trampoline parks, visit interesting museums and see fascinating sights.

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