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Ground Trampoline – Hexagon

Make your playground stand out from the rest! Redesign it with uniquely shaped trampolines shape, arranging them in patterns of animals, vehicles, various objects and any other depending only on your imagination. Make sure you use our in-ground trampoline in the shape of a hexagon. It will make a great addition to other shapes, including a triangle, cube or trapezoid.

Dimensions: 136 x 157 cm Category:


Hexagonal in-ground Trampoline

The cube-shaped trampoline is a fantastic source of fun for everyone – both children and adults. This piece of equipment can be a part of a set, but there is nothing to prevent it from becoming a distinct and independent element of entertainment. The available space makes it possible for one person to have fun, and connecting a few such cubes will provide the possibility of creating an amusement park for the whole family! The arrangement of the trampolines or later the way of enjoying the game itself depends only on the creativity of the administrator and the users. Our trampolines meet the restrictive norms EN 1176 and EN 1177, for which we hold certificates. This means that the devices can be easily can be installed in parks, playgrounds and other places where children can play. Its users can feel safe because the risk of injury is negligible.
The frame is manufactured from galvanised steel and the cushioning mat from EPDM polyurethane foam. Materials used to create the jumping mat include plastic laths which is fixed to the frame with springs. The shape of the trampoline prevents small objects from falling into it, because the whole structure is tight enough. Our in-ground trampolines are available in several color variants, so that you can create your own play sets.l color variants, so that you can create your own play sets.
The mat is available in blue, green, yellow, red or orange. Rubber collar comes in 24 colors, with black as default. Please do not hesitate to check all of our recommendations.
– A lot of great fun is guaranteed!

Full size: 136 x 157 cm

Jumping bed: 80 x 92 cm

Safety zone: 380 x 392 cm

Number of springs: 48 szt

Weight: 110 kg

User manual: [.PDF]

Product features: [.PDF]

Color combinations: [.PDF]

DXF files for designers: [.DXF]


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