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JUMPO Trampoliny Ziemne

ul. J. Mireckiego 13A/7M
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki

tel.: +48 799269994
e-mail: biuro@jumpo.pl

Jumpo Trampolines

We are producer of in-ground trampolines and hammocks for playgrounds that are loved by kids. Our trampolines meet strict safety criteria, thanks to which children staying on playgrounds can develop their movement, play sports and play at will. The outdoor and garden trampolines available in our offer are intended for outdoor spaces, such as playgrounds, and can also be installed on private premises. Jumpo trampolines always giva a fun for the youngest, they can jump and have a good time. This kind of fun also provides them with the dose of physical movement necessary for their proper development.


Jumpo is a young and energetic team of creative people full of ideas. We are a group of experts from various industries, who share a passion for creating interesting things.

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We produce trampolines for playgrounds and garden trampolines in many colors, sizes and shapes. Each client can choose a trampoline that best suits their needs and preferences.

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We invite everyone to contact us. We answer all questions, especially those related to security.

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Jumpo – Producer of in-ground trampolines

We produce safe and certified trampolines for children’s play, which are used in all Europen countrys. Our trampolines meet the EN 1176-1 standard and have the TUV certificate. Today, we equip playgrounds and private properties with trampolines, which improve the physical condition of children and provide them with lots of great fun. We guarantee that every jump on our trampolines ends with a soft landing.

Playground equipment

The varied shapes and sizes of trampolines produced by us make it possible to mount them in almost any place. The trampoline is enough to dig into the ground. Therefore children can experience moments of great fun, which also improves their fitness. We offer square, rectangular and round trampolines – the choice is yours. Made from the best materials, safe trampolines, children can spend carefree moments outdoors. Note: the durability of all our trampolines makes it possible for adults to join in!

Jumpo products

Children do not have to be encouraged to play on trampolines. However, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We can adapt dimensions of the trampolines to your order, we can also design sets of trampolines that will create a trampoline park. The great and inexpensive fun for your children is at your fingertips. We assure you that the children will react eagerly when seeing the trampoline, where they can jump at will!


W galerii prezentujemy nasze trampoliny. Trampoliny łatwo dopasowują się do innych elementów wyposażenia placów zabaw. Trampolina zamontowana jest w zmieni na równo z trawą. Widoczna jest tylko mata do skakania i mata amortyzująca upadki, dlatego jest ona bezpieczna podczas każdego skoku. Konstrukcja stalowa jest wkopana w ziemię i nie jest widoczna. Zarządzający miejscami miejskich placów zabaw dla dzieci, ale też indywidualni odbiorcy z pewnością docenią nasz autorski pomysł na doskonałą trampolinę. Wszystko, co robimy, robimy dla uciechy również Państwa pociech. Zapewniamy, że one również pokochają zabawę z koleżankami i kolegami na trampolinach.

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