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JUMPO Trampoliny Ziemne

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Ground Trampoline – Trapeze

Here we introduce in-ground trampolines “trapeze” – one of the most interesting regarding their shape.
Unique design of the trampolines is completely different from the commonly known ones. A trapezoid can be part of a larger set, as well as constitute a single element of an excellent, multi-hour fun. The in-ground trampoline is safe, sturdy and versatile.

Dimensions: 155 x 257 cm Category:


Trapeze in-ground Trampoline

-Explore all kinds of trampoline sets with individual units in a variety of shapes.
Discover our range of in-ground trapeze trampolines that you can combine with triangular, square, rectangular or any other shape trampoline, square, rectangular or any other pieces of equipment, thus designing intriguing, unique playgrounds. What is more, our proposals will make your projects stand out from the others, significantly increasing the aesthetic value of the estate, municipality or town. Let your creativity run wild – create sets of trampolines in the shape of animals, flowers or vehicles. Your imagination is the only limit! The trapeze-shaped structure can also be placed as a single element. It will provide children, teenagers and even adults with high-quality entertainment. The entire construction has been manufactured in a completely safe manner, therefore the risk of injury during play is extremely low. Product complies with current standards EN 1176 and PN-EN 1177, which is confirmed by a certificate. In addition, the trampoline frame is made of galvanized steel, the safety mat is made of EPDM polyurethane foam, and the jumping mat is made of plastic laths. The entire structure is sealed to prevent objects from falling inside. You can choose from a variety of mat colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, and orange, among others. Whereas the rubber collar (standard black) is available in as many as 24 colors.

Full size: 155 x 257 cm

Jumping bed: 99 x 160 cm

Safety zone: 399 x 460 cm

Number of springs: 76 szt

Weight: 110 kg

User manual: [.PDF]

Product features: [.PDF]

Color combinations: [.PDF]

DXF files for designers: [.DXF]


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