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Playground Trampoline – Quad 180


Trampolina Playground Quad 180 jest typem trampoliny do użytku zewnętrznego, montowana w prosty sposób stabilnie w ziemi. jest gwarancją wspaniałej i bezpiecznej zabawy na powietrzu dla dzieci i dorosłych. Dostępna w szerokim wachlarzu kolorystycznym, pozwalającym dopasować się do każdych oczekiwań. Wykonana jest z najlepszych materiałów, oraz jest bezpieczna dla środowiska naturalnego.

Dimensions: 238 x 238 cm SKU: N/A Category:



Trampoline is designed for the outdoor use and can be easily set into the ground. Our designers made sure the product meets the highest European standards.

Trampoline was designed in accordance with EN 1176-1 standard: “Playground equipment and surfacing – Part 1: General safety requirements and test methods”, which guarantees the correct safety level when playing on the trampoline or around it. Trampoline is intended for children at the age of 4 and older and for adults whose weight does not exceed 150kg. Trampoline guarantees great and safe outdoor fun for both, children and adults. A wide range of colours available – we can meet all expectations. Built from the best materials and safe to the environment.

Trampoline is to be set into the pre-prepared pit and consists of three main parts: frame, jumping-bed and shock-absorbing mat.

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Full size: 238 x 238 cm

Jumping bed: 180 x 180 cm

Safety zone: 538 x 538 cm

Number of springs: 124 szt.

Weight: 275 kg

User manual: [.PDF]

Product features: [.PDF]

Color combinations: [.PDF]

DXF files for designers: [.DXF]