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Ground Trampoline – Semicircle

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Would you like your playground to be interesting for children, provide loads of fun and and make them come back again and again? We introduce the “half-circle” type in-ground trampoline – one of the most frequently selected modular equipment. Together with other trampolines it creates thematic arrangements, which make it impossible to get bored! Find out what makes them so safe and explore the some exemplary inspirations.

Dimensions: 103 x 158 cm Category:


Semicircle in-ground Trampoline

Wondering what is the unusual shape of a trampoline? Half-circle is one of the types of equipment offered by us, from which you can create intriguing themed arrangements. It is used for finishing the designed patterns. It is ideal for creating flower or vehicle shapes. With the help of half-circles, you can arrange the space in trampoline parks and playgrounds in an aesthetic way. Opting for ground modular trampolines, you can stand out among the competitors, who offer users only standard shapes of the equipment. In our offer there are trampolines in many colors of mats and frames. The “half-circle” trampoline provides plenty of entertainment whether it forms a set with other shapes or as a single piece. Its use depends exclusively on the creativity of the designer.
Intriguing patterns will develop imagination in children and allow them to freely choose way of playing, e.g. by creating an obstacle course to overcome. Safety is ensured by cushioning mats and robust construction in accordance with EN 1176 and EN 1177 standards.

Full size: 103 x 158 cm

Jumping bed: 48 x 100 cm

Safety zone: 348 x 400 cm

Number of springs: 46 szt

Weight: 125 kg

User manual: [.PDF]

Product features: [.PDF]

Color combinations: [.PDF]

DXF files for designers: [.DXF]


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