Ground Trampoline – Barrel

A ” Barrel ” trampoline – an astonishing name for a device whose shape is unique. This is one of few of those that will become a sensation at your playground or amusement park. Its phenomenon is that it can provide unforgettable entertainment both as a single element and as a part of a themed arrangement. In combination with other shapes, it will surprise every user!

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Barrel in-ground Trampoline

It is not without reason that the “barrel” trampoline is called special. Such a design is rare, and in our store it is available right now! This is not the only reason why these devices are special.
They can be used to create various shapes that attract users of different ages – not not only young people, but also adults.
In many cases our customers use the trampoline with this characteristic shape to create, for example, a car, flower or airplane design.
Will it become a part of a self-designed set or will it be a separate item to play with, is entirely up to the playground operator. Available in many colours the “barrel” is completely safe for trampoline users. We designed it with materials that provide proper cushioning, are properly sealed and solidly and securely fastened. The devices installed in the ground are the right choice for the youngest and those proposed by us additionally meet the EN 1176 and EN 1177 standards, so children’s safety is also ensured.

Dane techniczne

Wymiary wewnętrzne: 158 x 256 cm
Rozmiar maty do skakania: 100 x 198 cm
Rozmiar strefy bezpiecznej: 400 x 498 cm
Liczba sprężyn: 84 szt
Waga trampoliny: 130 kg

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