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Here’s how to take care of a ground trampoline before and after the season

Ground trampolines have the advantage that they can be used all year round. This is a benefit that has convinced many to choose this type of device instead of a classic, garden trampoline. After all, who wasn’t frustrated by its constant folding and assembly depending on the weather conditions? However, this does not mean that ground trampolines do not require regular maintenance or especially cleaning. Asked about how to check the trampoline after winter, we decided to create a separate post in which we explain how to take care of the device before and after its season of use.

First assembly of the trampoline

We suggest conducting a trampoline check already when unpacking it and preparing for assembly. You will learn about the details related to the correct assembly of ground trampolines from our previous post: „Montaż trampolin domowych — ziemnych”.  We do not suggest that the purchased device will certainly be defective, but it happens that some elements could have been damaged, for example during transport. It is worth paying attention to the rubber, whether it has not peeled off or torn in any way. The jumping mat is made of hard, abrasion-resistant plastic, so the risk of its damage is negligible, but for safety reasons, it is worth looking at it.

Checking the condition of the trampoline BEFORE the season

In the winter period, trampolines are much less used, although this does not mean that they are not used at all. The conservator should therefore regularly check whether ice has appeared on the trampoline or snow is lying on it. Taking care of the device throughout the year will reduce the risk of its damage before the upcoming season. But what should we take care of when spring is coming?

We recommend above all:

  • clean the entire jumping surface and the place where the springs are located from all accumulated garbage and leaves,
  • check if the rubber has not peeled off anywhere, if so – glue it locally,
  • check the general state of wear of the trampoline, mainly the jumping mat, shock-absorbing mat and protective elements,
  • check if corrosion has not gotten into the springs and ropes, if so – contact the manufacturer to find out how to fix it and whether it poses a threat during further use,
  • level and secure the area around the trampolines according to applicable safety standards.
In-ground trampoline in autumn In-ground trampoline in winter

Checking the condition of the trampoline AFTER the season

The approaching winter is considered the end of the season for trampolines. However, we emphasize that these are year-round devices, so we rather do not disassemble them, but according to the product instructions, their condition should be regularly checked. During the season, i.e. in the spring, summer or autumn period, intensive use of ground trampolines could have caused their damage – especially if they were used contrary to their intended use, and this should always be paid attention to, especially in the case of trampolines installed in playgrounds or other public places.

You should check above all:

  • whether the jumping mat is not worn out,
  • whether none of the trampoline elements have been cut,
  • whether the rubber does not peel off from the trampoline frame,
  • whether nothing blocks the springs of the device,
  • whether the terrain around the trampoline has not changed enough to pose a threat to users (change of ground, excavations, newly created devices / constructions).

Attention! Every conservator of ground trampolines, also a parent checking a device installed in their own garden, should act in accordance with the instructions and check whether any observed changes in the substrate do not exclude the trampoline from meeting the mandatory safety standards it meets.

In every case – both before the season, during its duration, and after – it is important to periodically check the technical condition of trampolines. If we forget about this, our loved ones may get hurt, and in addition, we will be forced to spend additional money on the purchase of another device. You will find many tips on using already installed trampolines in the instructions included with the product. If you still have doubts related to cleaning or maintaining trampolines, be sure to write to us!

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